i….scared for life

oh my god.. what th-





Can we get the SPN fandom on this one?

…I think Lisa needs a medal for protecting that little girl.


Good evening, we’re from the FBI. We’d just like to ask you a few routine questions about your husbands disappearance… Is your daughter home?”

Can we just laugh because someone ASKED us to come and take over this post? :D

Little did the reader know that the author’s dad routinely abused her, and kept up an affair with the school teacher.  The school teacher knew of the molestation but didn’t say anything out of her love for the author’s father.  Lisa was protecting this girl, because Lisa was also a victim of sexual abuse from her father as well.”

You ever feel bad about yourself just know that I am 214 lbs and i’ve lost 56 pounds. And i’m damn diddley fucking proud of it. Say what you want but in the past year i’ve drastically improved my health and myself. Ive gone from morbidly obese to slighty less than obese. I’ve been able to participate in sports, i’m active on a daily basis and i’ve lowered my cholesteral from being nearly diabetic to being clear of all signs of diabetes. It was hard, i’ll tell you that, but i’m not giving up, not untill I get to 150 lbs. Work hard, work steady and never give up. It’s all about the push. (And the occasional diet supplement and Juice Detox).

So, i’ve blocked out usernames not as to start a fight because that is the last thing I want. These are screenshots from a feminst blog, all by the same women, i’ve recently bumped into. This is contreversial, so that’s why i’m not going to talk about feminism. I am going to talk about the fact that this women is crossing the line of being helpful to being harmful. She is promptly pressing people to call unwanted interaction stalking, harrasment, ect. She even crosses the line into telling people that in certain sexual interaction (that they were already engaged in) when they DID NOT ask the other person to stop, rape. Which is not the case. The individual did not know it was unwanted and you were going to engage in other relations at that time anyways. I am just flabgasted by the fact that so many people think this is right. And even aspire to be this way. ..Just..ugh..


Hello friend, are you having a bad night?